9 Things To Do With The Snow

Dated: 02/21/2015

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The Rockies have finally been hit with a nice big snow storm.  It makes me want to cuddle up inside with my cat and my laptop and a fireplace and watch the snow fall from behind a nice big pane of glass. However, I also am DIY to a fault and love to do things for free or cheaply. So, here's some fun ways to do things with this snow stuff that's falling outside, and then you can come back in and find a cup of coffee and some warm place to hide out this big ol' winter storm.

1. Make Snow Angels- This s the first thing I want to do when I see snow falling, just bundling up and laying in the snow and making angels. It's my favorite. And as an adult- it's even more fun.

2. Make a Snow Man- I like to make these when I'm babysitting because it usually requires a bit of team work, but the basic premise to make snow balls, and then make them bigger by rolling them on the ground( they pick up snow) and then stack them. Garnish with a old top hat, scarf, and a carrot.

3. Make Snow Ice cream- This is super simple to do- simply find a spot of clean fresh snow( maybe put a clean bucket in your yard and collect it as it falls?) Once you get about a gallon, mix with 2 cups cold milk, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, and white sugar. Mix well and eat! left over should be covered and put in the freezer. it'll hold for about a week. 

4. Maple Taffy - Boil pure maple syrup to 122 C or 252 F. Drizzle on well-packed fresh snow. Make sure it is cool before licking. (It is essential that pure maple syrup be used and not any other maple-flavored syrup).

5.  Ice Bubbles- When the temperature is below 32F, blow bubbles with wants, the bubbles will freeze, giving you a fun photo op! 

6. Build a fort. Who says you have to be a kiddo to make snow forts? Use your office trashcan, pots and pans, or pack it up by hand to make a big fort to hang out in.

7. Go Sledding- there's some great hills in the Denver Metro area( a complete list can be found here), go get your sled or use a pool float and race to the bottom( or hey, the couch cushions covered in a big trash bag is also not a terrible option. I'm not responsible if you ruin your couch or yourself though) 

8. Snow Paint- add food coloring to water bottles and squirt away! don't forget to take pictures to show your artistic capabilities.

9. Help your neighbors out by shoveling the walkway- think of all the good karma! plus it's a great workout

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