5 Pieces Of Trash To Upcycle Without Looking Trashy

Dated: 06/19/2014

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I love Upcycling, I love moving things over and giving them new life, being green, helping the environment, all that jazz. I also am a super judgmental brat at times and I don't want things to *look* trashy. With that in mind, I'm collecting some of my favorite ways to upcycle in a way that looks classy....well, at least not trashy.

1. Turn a milk jug into a cute sandwich box.
I'll be straight, I was not sure how i felt about this until i actually tried it, and it actually turns out just fine. Milk jugs are pretty easy to cut, given how funky bulky they are. Just snip, superglue a snap, and you're good to go! plus, that looks like something you'd get from Ikea.

2. Soda bottles into ottomans
This one is going to take some collecting, but don't worry! 40 soda bottles really isn't *that* much, when you think about how much soda the average American drinks. So what you do is you get those all together and do this:

So sweet, right?! i can't even begin to explain how excited this one makes me.
3. Light Bulb Lamps
There's tons of super great ways to upcycle glass bulbs after they stop giving light, but this is the best at showing how exactly to cutthe bottom so you can empty the innards, which is gonna be great for anything else you need to do with them. I also like this because it keeps the essence of 'light'. Get the full tutorial here.
Create Your Own Light Bulb Lamp

4. Plastic Bags
I had to try this one again before I wrote about it in this blog, and i pinky swear, it works. Do you remember when you were a little kid and you had the plastic beads you melted on the plastic peg boards that made those awful Christmas ornaments? ya? awesome. so this process is kinda like that.
Start with some basic cheap-o plastic bags. Cut off the handle and cut them down the seam so you have one layer of plastic. layer that plastic. meanwhile get some parchment paper and sandwhich your plastic in between them. set your iron to low heat and go at it. Eventually it all starts to fuse and become this epic fabric that can then be sewn into other projects( i was thinking using it as a blanket filler maybe, lightweight and a good insulator) and i've seen some epic projects with it:

5. Last but not least, Wine Bottles
Seriously these things are so freaking versatile. Add a nozzle and it can be a soap dispenser, cut the bottom out and you have a great little votif candle holder, or better yet, save all your bottles for a year and make a giant Christmas Tree.
Here's my favorites:
wine bottles

Have fun!

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