8 Ways To Make You Feel More Festive This Holiday Season

Dated: 11/30/2014

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Ion loves this time of year, from the great light displays all across the front range, to the Parade of Lights this coming weekend, to the German Christmas Market in downtown Denver, there's a lot of holiday things to do for the whole family. But sometimes, you don't wanna go out into the massive crowds, or deal with the cold, or put on pants( hey, no judgement.) So here's a few ways to make you and your home feel festive! 

1. Build a faux fireplace this is especially fun if you have younger kids since it's an easy way to hang up the stockings and create that fun fireplace atmosphere. Get the DIY here. And then check out these mantles to inspire your faux mantle.
Build your own fireplace Anywhere Cute for if we ever have a bigger place
2. Make your home smell festive My favorite way to do this is to put a little bit of water in a pot and add your favorite holiday spices and herbs. I used apples, cinnamon, orange peels, and nutmeg. 
Kitchen Wonderland 7 Recipes for Simmering Potpourri
3. Washi Tape Christmas Tree at my place, we can't have a Christmas tree because we have a small monster living with us( AKA the Kitteh) so we will probably be doing this instead of having any kind of a tree! It's cute, it' space friendly, and it allows your creativity to shine. I've seen some versions of this where you use the Holiday cards to make a tree and skip the washi tape all together, and I think that's also super adorable. Washi Tape Tree A festive way to organize all of your holiday cardsI would probably do it on a board fixed to the wall
4. bake some cookies! don't forget of course, that you're in Colorado and need the high altitude version( plus, if you're above 9000 feet you need to look up to how to further adjust the recipes!)! It's also a grand idea if you're stressing about your heating bill: just leave the oven open while your making the dough( after completely preheating it) and then when your cookies are done turn off the oven and leave it open a little bit so you can maximize on that heat. Here's some good high-altitude  recipes.
 Best Decorated Christmas Cookies  Cute Christmas Cookies
5. Add lights to Your Porch I'm not a big fan of tons of lights on homes, but I do love a simple line of white lights on the porch or around your door with some garland. Not only is that super easy to put up but it's not going to annoy your neighbors or make your electric bill skyrocket. 
A Whole Bunch Of Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas - Christmas Decorating -
6. Have a Holiday Party Now of course this doesn't work for everyone, but I know lots of people that just need people around in order to feel festive. Have a potluck, Cookie Exchange,  a Holiday High Tea,  or an Ugly Sweater Party, . Invite your family or neighbors, coworkers and friends and soon your home will be just overflowing with warmth and holiday cheer. 
Great ugly sweater- homemade
7. Drink hot cocoa  or warm apple cider. or hot buttered rum, or coffee, or anything super warm and delicious and probably not very good for you.
cocoa 5 How to create a hot chocolate bar for your holiday party
8. Make a gift box for less fortunate families I grew up doing this, either through making boxes to send through Operation Christmas Child or through the angel tree at church or sometimes just by listening to the grape vine to hear who needs help this season. There's tons of great charities out there that can help you out. 
Awesome list of ideas for packing an Operation Christmas Child 5-9 year old girl shoe box  Ill have to add a few things to my yearly list

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