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I've never blogged before but I have a feeling I'll do fine.  So this is my first month as a realtor and I'll relay my experience on what I'm finding to be hard.  A little over a year ago, I owned a business and had 12-15 employees.  Now as a realtor I'm basically on my own.  The only one counting on me is my son.  That should be good right?  Well it is but being a realtor is challenging and there's a lot to learn.   I have to ask for help.  I have to guess sometimes and I have to rely on other people.  You're probably thinking "Big deal Brice.  Stop being a baby." Well it's hard for me so lighten up!  Just kidding...

Seriously, not knowing what I'm doing 100% of the time can be challenging.  I can't wait until I know as much about my job as my mentor and my managing broker.   Seriously, I'm nervous right now that my blog isn't going to be good enough and someone is going to make me do this again.  Anyway,   I  promise to not forget this feeling so that I can do a good job training the next poor person.  If I do forget I can always come back and read my first blog.

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  • Posted by Jackquelyne Omokhodion
    Brice the blogger was good keep up the good work.

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