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Having your house on the market in the busy month of December may seem daunting! There are a million demands on your pocketbook and your calendar!  Here are some inexpensive ways to make your home 'show' better with little money, and some great time savers to help you sell the home AND prepare for the holidays!

SO... Make a 'wish' list of these things for great gifts to receive this season... 

  • Hire someone to do a DEEP clean!  Instead of a sweater, a truly spotless home is a better way to spend that money.

  • New bath mats, and towels go a long way to refresh that bathroom. Throw in a few new candles to freshen it up even further.  I love the smell of "fresh linen" that you can purchase.  It is clean and not overwhelming.  

  • New welcome mat for the front and back door, make the first impression better, and saves your floors from the winter showings.

  • Organizers, shelving, hooks, and other ways to make the inside of your closets and cupboards look roomier (yes, people DO look inside).

  • It is a good investment of your money to turn on the heat when there is a showing!  The few extra dollars you will spend on the bill, will be worth it, to make your home feel cozy.

  • Fresh paint.  It only takes a day or so to either freshen up high traffic areas with the same color paint, or to make neutral your bright accent walls.

  • Beautiful stationary, and leave a note for your buyers when they come for the showing, which tells interesting history of the home, little nuances that you love about living there, your favorite things around the neighborhood, or why you love the school district. 

  • A few more Holiday decorations, but be sure to keep them neutral.... the Winter holiday, snowflake, peace on earth themes are better than the Nativity scenes, or Menora candles... better to keep everyone who enters your home feel 'at home'.

Need to bake cookies for the holidays?   Be sure to do this just before your showings, and leave a few out for the enjoyment of the buyers.  Your house will smell great, and feel like home.

Time to give back for the holidays!  Box up that clutter and donate.  There are many people who could benefit from the excess in your home.  At the same time, buyers will be able to see the potential in your home without the distraction of knickknacks, books, never used kitchen appliances on the counter, etc. 

If you do need a few extra bucks for the holiday season, use these apps to sell your extra stuff:  Poshmark ( for clothes)  5miles, Offerup, or Cashforbooks (books, obviously). 

"re-gift" those great framed family photos!.  Scan the pic and store in your computer for later, and then dust it off and give to someone else in the family to enjoy.  Not only will you save some money, but you will help your buyer imagine themselves living in your home, not your whole family.  

Dont forget to enjoy the holiday season, and celebrate, because .... most people looking to buy at this time of the year are serious buyers who need to get into a home soon!  

Happy Holidays!   


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