Dental Hygienist Turning Real Estate Agent

Dated: 04/17/2015

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First days on a new job are like first days in a new kindergarten. People look at you funny; They point fingers; The word "newbie" is just sorta stalking you. Sometimes, someone throws a toy at you. Or five. It's almost like a contest of the cool kids to see who will cry and stomp their feet first! And you? You just pray it won't be you. That it will be the other kid in the room. That’s how I felt this afternoon when I walked into a room full of experienced real estate agents for my first training. I felt like I'm back in kindergarten awaiting first toy to be thrown in my face. And as I stood there I thought "I survived dental hygiene school, countless hours of "scraping" random people's teeth and choking them with x-rays. I have a shiny big license to prove it! I survive daily caring for my patients and catering to their needs and fighting their fears. I will survive real estate business too."

It didn’t happen. No one, I mean NO ONE, threw stuff at me, pointed fingers, looked funny. They all smiled and were nice. And I survived. Like a grownup! No blood, no tears.

...And then I emailed waaaaay too long of a list of available homes to one of my first leads. Because my new shiny software decide that 4 listing wasn't just quite cutting it. Eh.

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