Douglas County Is Number 2 Best County In America

Dated: 01/02/2015

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Check out this amazing article from Huffington Post about the top 10 counties in AMERICA to live - Douglas County is No. 2!!! Link to full article at the bottom.

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And The 10 Best Counties In America Are..

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City pride is most certainly a thing, and most people across the country are not afraid to show theirs. But, thanks to this list of incredible counties, a new kind of pride is about to become very real, as well.

According to the blog on the real estate site, Movoto, these are the state subregions to live in if all those city lists are a bit too specific for you.

"We looked at 640 counties across the US in order to create this ranking," Movoto's editorial content manager Randy Nelson told The Huffington Post. "We scored each in terms of unemployment, median household income, median rent and home price (higher being more desirable), precent of families below the poverty line and high school graduation rate. The average of these scores was used to determine the best counties, the higher the better."

And based on their impressively high scores, Nelson insists these areas have "earned the right to be called the best in the nation."

So if you're looking for a place where you can let your county pride flag fly, check out the list below (and perhaps consider heading to the East Coast)...

  • 10

    Rockingham County, New Hampshire GettyPopulation: 295,360
    High median household income and high school graduation rates, incredibly low poverty rate

  • 9

    Frederick County, Maryland GettyPopulation: 234,122
    Low poverty rate, high median household income, impressive nature and thriving cities in the local surroundings

  • 8

    Montgomery County, Maryland GettyPopulation: 976,203
    Low unemployment and poverty rates, high median household income and high rates of high school graduation as well as rates of students who enroll in postgraduate degrees

  • 7

    Washington County, Minnesota Flickr / Doug WallickPopulation: 238,844
    High rates of high school graduation as well as rates of students who enroll in postgraduate degrees, affordable home prices and high median household income

  • 6

    Morris County, New Jersey Flickr / DougtonePopulation: 492,694
    High median household income, low poverty rates, high rates of high school graduation

  • 5

    Somerset County, New Jersey Flcikr / Dendroica CeruleaPopulation: 324,194
    High median household income, low poverty rate, one of America's oldest counties

  • 4

    Chester County, Pennsylvania GettyPopulation: 499,797
    High median household income, low poverty and unemployment rates, several state parks in the immediate vicinity

  • 3

    Fairfax County, Virginia GettyPopulation: 1,086,743
    High median household income, low unemployment rate, numerous Fortune 500 companies based in the area

  • 2

    Douglas County, Colorado GettyPopulation: 287,003
    Highest graduation rate, lowest poverty rate of all the counties considered

  • 1

    Loudoun County, Virginia Flickr / Kate AllenPopulation: 315,134
    Highest median household income of all the counties considered, incredibly low unemployment and poverty rates, impressive desirability in the housing market

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