Fear And Loathing In Denver And Car Trouble

Dated: 11/13/2013

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Day 2 of car trouble.

  I did what I could to the engine yesterday, replacing the Knock Sensor and Air Filter. Then it got dark.  This morning I will be replacing the #2 fuel injector all by myself...which I've never done before...yikes. 
Why am I telling you all this?
Well...for starters, I'm not a seasoned mechanic, not even a slightly salty one.  So what can I do?? I can have someone else do it for $300 or try it myself for $65.  Hey, I got a screwdriver and the same tools as the $300 guy has for this particular project, so I'll do it.  But just how do I do something that I'm not even sure if I'm any good at?  Easy, I can look to someone who does have some experience and success with this kind of DIY project.  I looked in my Owners Manual, on YouTube and spoke to a few auto parts counter people for tips.  
 What happened was that my fear of tackling this project diminished greatly and my confidence grew...until I thought..."I can do this, and do it right. I'll copy a successful process, not reinvent one. Easy".
 A year ago, I  may never have challenged myself to do a full tune-up, complete with new spark plugs, relay and wires plus change my own radiator and knock sensor, much less the Fuel Injector(sounds scary)...but this year I did! And I did it well and right.
                                "I now have a 'can do' spirit !!"  YAY!
 I just looked at what others have successfully done and copied it. Doing the same thing they did and...VOILA~
Here's why I'm telling you, our team this.
  Working as the lead manager for our team has, in a way, given me an advantageous insight into what is working and what is not working so well.  And It seems to me to be very simple and clear...
 When those who take a "Can Do" approach to how they handle their incoming clients by acknowledging their presence ASAP with a confident "Hi, Welcome.." phone call/email, well lets just say that they seem to all close a mind blowing number of deals.   Why?  Simple..With a quicker first call,  they instantly gain a competitive edge over other buying agents that the client might be browsing,  like Keller Williams, or Re/max( who also have a fairly decent online presence ). They have an edge even though the same MLS is used.  The first contact associate has a natural edge even though they basically do the same thing as other agents do.  It's the secret not so secret, natural law of shopping (Zen I think)

 So what separates a lot of the closed deals from the one that just got away?
 That's it! That's All...the rest falls right into place on its own. Offers, contracts, closings and disbursement ...they all line up, just like that!  There's not even any "Selling" involved. You know why? Because most savvy buyers already know what they want, they already know where they want to go, they just need a little help getting there. That's all.  Trust me, if they could access lock box's and write their own offers and contracts, they would.  DIY and instant access to info? I would.  After a few YouTube video clips...maybe...OK, maybe not.  But think about this...The initial phone call really isn't to be in the face of the client with a flashy bubbly neon advert, claiming to be the best and yada yada yada. It's really just to welcome them to the Ion Real Estate Buying Experience and to announce our availability for showings...  Wait there's more.. Because we're not afraid to compete in Denver's sometimes fierce marketplace, that First Call "IS" in fact, to try and beat our competition to the cherished prize, the Client.  It's not prom and it's not Rocket Surgery so, 
consider this....
  "I'm NOT going to give my business to ___so~n~ so__, because they were the FIRST to call me."
         ~SAID NO ONE... EVER~   

OH, and the other reason I'm telling you this is that I will not be available  until after 10 or 11 AM, that is if I "Can Do" this fuel injector thing.  Please don't disregard this note if I have to take the bus tomorrow..
Have a rewarding day!
 I will be available by phone.
Update HQ;
#2 Fuel Injector replaced successfully, Knock Sensor Replaced Successfully.  Check Engine light off for the first time...EVER.  Purrs like a kitten, self confidence up 1000%.  cost? $65 as opposed to the $300 the monkey wrencher down the street wanted... So how does a success taste? Very Tasty but a bit greasy.  (note to self, wash hands BEFORE  eating hot-dog)
What I learned...  I 'CAN DO CAN DO" !!

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  • Posted by Julie
    Thank goodness you got this done before the snow hit!!

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