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Dated: 03/05/2015

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Team Ion Xmas Partay!! What's the first thing people mention when they hear a friend is in Real Estate School...the TESTS, right?   

The dreaded test is in fact, detestable but there's more that runs through our minds when we're sitting in those little desks.

The biggest of these questions for me was..."Am I going to starve for 90 days during this transition? "

We wonder about how we'll drum up business, how we'll learn the things a test just can't teach you,

Who's gonna help me do my first CMA?  Debit Buyer Credit Seller???   

When you think about it, the test is really just a tiny snippet of what it's really like in the actual marketplace.  

To me, the new guy, finding the right real estate team to join is the most important choice a newbie will make.

Each new agent's success will be directly affected by the kind of team they choose to be a part of.

Evidently,  I'm going to do extremely well.   How do I know this?   I happen to be one of many new members of the Ion Real Estate sales force.  I have already felt the support of this team.   Wanna know what happened?

What I experienced was a group of expert agents rally around the new guy and generously offer their support AND to chip in as a team and support me financially!!  

You see, my car had an unexpected major malfunction that I just couldn't afford to have fixed.   I was perplexed and I wanted to run out the door and right into my waiter uniform.  Instead,   One agent started a request that spread throughout the team and the next thing I know,  with smiles, the team wiped that burden right off my plate!!  COMPLETELY!!!

One of our agents drove in from Parker to slip me a Benjamin!!  His only remark was "Hey, I serve the GREATER Denver area!!" Another agent made sure to reach me before she flew out of town!!  Amazing!  Would you go out of your way if your were on the way out of town?  Be honest?  She did!  Again, with a huge smile!!  

Now I knew I was joining a winning team!!

If the agents, at the drop of a hat, will rally around the new guy without complaint but rather with happiness and encouragement,  just think what the'll do for their customers and clients, who keep in mind, have something to offer.  A pay check!  

From my point of view,

...You can truly see a persons character when you see how they treat an individual who can do absolutely nothing for them in return.  

I'm on a GREAT team and that's how I know this...write that down.  Cuz I'm hitching a ride with these guys!!!  Wait!! They can ride with me!!

just the new guys point of view.

My advice to any new agent?

Surround yourself with WINNERS! 

When you're entering new territory, nothing feels better than a smiling group saying "Hang in there!  You can do it!  We're here for you"  and they really mean it.  They can put their money where their mouth is.  Chokes me up just thinking about this teams generosity... Seriously, who pays for somebody else's car trouble?   Team Ion did just that.  I'm one grateful newbie!

The best part about this whole starting out new deal?   The team has convinced me to "Hang in there," and  that "I CAN DO THIS!!"    and more importantly,  I'm not alone.

Maybe I'll actually sleep tonight and dream of the day when I can pay it forward as an expert agent.

Thank you Ion Real Estate for helping this new guy not only stay on the road but to also feel like part of the team!!


You guessed it....The New Guy

J Steven Opp

J Steven is a proud native Coloradoan born and raised here in Denver. His love for this city is reflected with his Denver history page on Facebook “Old Images of Denver”. Steve serving in the Colo....

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