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Dated: 05/06/2015

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Rain and more rain in Denver Metro Area. The current outdoor dog wash station, aka the hose, is out of order. So what do you do when you have a dog, it is raining outside and you are trying your best to have a spotless house with a glorious For Sale sign on your yard? 

Shampooing and fancy dog hair dryers are not an option. Ideas for hopeless homeowners with muddy mutts strolling through the freshly cleaned floors came pouring from internet searches. Time consuming mopping,  washing your dog outside, silly looking dog booties, vacuuming and more vacuuming. Waste of time and (often) money.

Doormats are the obvious, quick solution to the problem. But even those get soggy and muddy and eventually just give up on holding the dirt behind. Longer, inexpensive and easily replaced runners are also a temporary, quick fix.  Unfortunately, they tend to slide. They fold. They roll up. They help people trip over the edges. In the end, there's dirty smears all over the floor, muddy floor mat, sandy mud pit on the carpets and a happy Fuzzy McDirty dog sitting in the corner.

Paw wipes? Baby wipes for dog's paws! Genius idea. Keep them by the door. Love them, use them, abuse them. Get tired of them! They're still messy. The dog still needs to get into the house with dirty paws for you to actually use them. Plus the trash pile to deal with afterwards, because... unless you own a chihuahua, you dog will need more than one wipe per paw. 

Paw mitts? Check them out here: http://www.simplygoodstuff.com/paw_cleaner-mitt.html Cool and reusable. Washable! Cons: can get stinky, may need more than one for all those rainy season days. Believe it, or not, the mitts come with... Instructions! 

Foot soak tub! Tried it in my bathroom. Ended up with a muddy bath tub, wet dog, still dirty paws and wet walls. I do not advise to follow my lead. 

Which lead me to... PawPlunger! https://www.thegrommet.com/330-pawplunger-portable-dog-paw-cleaner. The most innovative, clever thing I've seen in a while. Foot bath + mitten in 1! No more dirty, swampy towels and water buckets that spill all over and make more mess than the whole deal is worth. No more safety hazards, aka runners. i'd keep the door mat just for the sake of it. This may be my savior.  If they work, I will gladly gift one to all my home sellers with dogs. Stay tuned.

Next stop... fixing the yard to cover unattractive pee spots on the freshly-after-the-rain grown grass.

Below, Phil and a foot soak fiasco. Again, very much so NOT recommended. He loved it. Both, the mud sliding and the food soak.

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