How To Cool Down When Its Just Too Darn Hot

Dated: 06/26/2015

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This summer is a bit of an anomaly for Denver Natives, and this humidity is rendering swamp coolers, and other water based alternatives to cooling off, pretty useless. Swamp coolers work on the idea of cooling water vapors and pumping that air into relatively contained space( though you should have one window open if you're using a swamp cooler).

This summer, however, things aren't working as well because of the consistently higher levels of humidity. As of writing this, my weather app tells me that we're at 62% humidity. gross. SO, how do you cool off when it's 85 degrees and 62% humidity? 

AC - Obviously one route is to use a traditional air conditioner. These don't cool water particles but pump cooling chemicals into the air. They work great, but they're incredibly expensive to run in older homes and are also expensive to put in. Bummer. Though, they do add value to your home if you get it done professionally and keep up with it! score! American Heat Cool is one company that Ion likes to work with! 

Get Up to the Mountains! - While most of us aren't fortunate enough to have more than one home, there are great ways to 'swap' homes with people for a certain amount of time, and if you commute remotely then it's way easier to just get up to the mountains for a week or two, and let someone use your Denver Metro Home as crash pad between whatever SUPER IMPORTANT STUFF they have to do. Some sites for this include :,, and Of course safety is important, but it's a cheaper way to spend some time out in the mountains. 

Buy and Strategize Multiple Fans- This is the option I use in my home- we live in a third story condo and in the summer we open up the big sliding glass door and place a big box fan in front of it, to pull the slightly cooler air from outside, in. Then we use the ceiling fans to keep the air moving, and then we close all the doors to the bedrooms and keep the main part( where our office spaces are) at the coolest point we can. We can usually keep it to around 70 degrees in there, which isn't bad at all.

Get To the Pool-  cooling off at the pool( either in your community or at one of the larger Denver pools) is a great way too cool off as well- there's plenty of lounging space and the sun actually feels good when you get out! 

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