How To Move Like A Pro

Dated: 07/04/2016

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I’m not a professional mover, but some might say I’m a professional nomad.  My dad was in the military and we lived in 11 different towns while I was growing up.  Back then, the Army paid for our moves, but since I was 18 I’ve continued the tradition (moving 26 times within 6 cities), and I’ve kind of got the packing thing down to a science.  First off, don’t accumulate so much unnecessary stuff.  I have a guideline, if I don’t need it, use it very frequently, or truly love it I don’t keep it.  If you live by the more common motto of hey, I might use this someday I’d suggest starting to reduce your future packing load about three months ahead of time.  You and your back will thank me on moving day.  Two months before is time to start scouting for and collecting boxes.  Not that it takes a whole month to get some boxes, but if you don’t want to pay for them it’s easy enough to pick up one or two here and there and have a good assortment ready to go when you need them.  One month out is time to start packing!   Think a-box-a- day, or 5-10 every weekend and it’s a lot less overwhelming than the mad frenzy two days before which most people seem to do.  When you get a jump start like this you can actually pack well and label your stuff, which will make unpacking at your new place so much better.  Anything you can live without for a month (or three, two, one weeks) should be done then.  If you use your towels and clothing as cushions you can get all the breakables safely transported without spending extra on special wrapping stuff.  Of course the last few days you get down to the last couple of boxes with the more frequently used items which you might want to label “unpack first”.   My favorite moves are when I have overlapping time at both places and I think it’s well worth it to start taking car loads of boxes over right away.  One car trip a day for a week makes for a much quicker, lighter, easier moving day.  Then you only need a few friends (some pizza and beer, of course) to help you with the furniture and big boxes.  Or just rent a truck at Home Depot and get a couple guys from Craigslist to do the heavy lifting and sit back and supervise :)

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