How To Move Residences Like An Adult

Dated: 05/07/2015

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Welcome back Denverites! Today we’re going to be talking about moving into a new house like an adult. So, obviously you’ve bought the house of your dreams through Ion Real Estate and you’re pumped to move- you’ve painted your new kitchen, maybe you bought some new furniture, and you’ve started to pack stuff. Go you!

I have one rule when it comes to my friends- I will not help them move. I will buy you a new candle and a bottle of champagne, I will babysit your kids the day of the move, and I will even help you pack, but I will not help you move. I have a very specific reason for this: forcing your friends to do a full day of labor in return for pizza and beer is a waste of time, energy, and will likely leave everyone stressed out rather than feeling loved.

Instead, hire movers. I know, it’s expensive, but it’s worth your sanity. They are professionals, meaning they’re not likely to drop your couch or the box with your grandmother’s antique china in it, and if they do you can sue them without feeling a personal connection to them. Your furniture will be wrapped up and carried out without nicking the side of the walls or denting the woodwork in your old place, and they can help you move things into the new apartment just the way you want it . Now of course, you can ask your friends to help you with other aspects- maybe you have a friend who loves putting books in a book case, but there’s no reason to ask your friends to do heavy lifting in order for you to save a hundred bucks.

My friend Andrew broke it down into 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Hire movers.

Step 2: Drink the beer and eat the pizza you were going to use to bribe your friends into helping move with those friends

 Step 3: smile that your friends don’t hate you


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