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Feng Shui and the Art of Real Estate 

In the world of Real Estate, we agents get to see many homes inside and out. We use our expertise and experience to assist our clients in making the best possible decision on their purchase, or sale.   I have been a Realtor for about 8 years.  I’ve also practiced Acupuncture and Chinese medicine for twice that long.   What does this have to do with the Real estate?  Two words… Feng Shui.   The ancient art of Feng Shui (translates in English to Wind/water) teaches us how to harness the earth’s energy or lay lines… which are literally the Acupuncture meridians of the Earth.  If we keep the flow of this energy, we have health, luck, and prosperity.  If we block or constrict, or waste this energy, we will have problems.  Some of you may not believe in Feng Shui or Acupuncture, but ask yourself why this 3 thousand year (or more) practice exists, if it isn’t true.  Can you envision what the Sydney Opera house or the Taj Mahal look like?  These two buildings have relied heavily on Feng Shui in their creation, which is why their beauty is so memorable. 

Feng shui isn’t just about beauty.  It is also about money!  A home with good Feng shui will not only re-sell much faster, it will keep you prosperous while you live or run your business there.  Relationships will be more harmonious, sleep will come easier, and the mid will be more productive.  This blog will give you the basics, but I promise future blogs that will delve deeper into some amazing details and nuances of the art. 

Here is a checklist to start with when looking for your dream home or business.  Many of these will seem like common sense, as people already have a natural sense as to what ‘feels good’ when they enter a space. 

  •  Location, location, location!

  • The first place to start is the location of the home and the exterior feel of the place.  This is the hardest to remedy, and the most powerful energy to get right.  You can do a million things to the inside of the home, but if the exterior is off, so will the rest of the home.

  • The best location for your home is off of a major road or river.  If there is a curve in the road, make sure the curve goes around you, and not toward you.  Be in the “u”  not under the “u”.  Avoid sloping ground into your house.  Don’t be lower than a road.  Avoid being at the end of a T in the road.  The backyard should be slightly larger than the front yard. 

  • The front door is key!

  • The front door should be beautiful and inviting.  Meandering pathways leading to the front door is best.  Depending which direction your front door faces, depends on the best color for the door.  There are 8 Feng Shui directions, each associated with aspects of life such as money, family, fame, health, etc.  Each of these directions is also associated with an auspicious color.  Your door should match these.  I’ll go into more detail about this another blog, but generally:

  • East/Southeast- Earth tones and green.  South and Southwest doors can be sun colors, like magenta, yellow, even purple.  North and Northeast doors should be white, grey, black, or neutrals.  Make sure that your front door opens in, not out.  Make sure that front and back doors are not perfectly aligned so that energy stays in the home.  If there is a bathroom right above the front door, think about a remodel! 

  • The home layout is very important.

  • Make sure that the main bedroom is in a quiet place not facing the front door.  Make sure the bathroom doesn’t open into the kitchen food preparing area.  Windows should be plentiful, but too many in the back of the house can deplete the home of vital energy.  Put the kitchen sink in front of a window.  Make sure that the doors don’t “argue” by opening into each other or being too close to each other.  Make sure the closets are the proportionate size of the room.

  • Remember there are a lot of Feng shui remedies to problematic areas.  Mirrors, crystals, changes of wall color and movement of furniture can go a long way to fixing the flow of healthy Qi.  There are many specialists out there to help you if you need, but remember an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure… so buy well… and consider taking these steps in mind when buying.  

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