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Dated: 04/04/2014

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Style, according to the Meriam Dictionary, is a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed: a particular form or design of something: a way of behaving or of doing things. So let's talk about your home. It's got a style, right? Some way of saying "This house is mine." This month, I'll be doing 4 houses that are unique in style but cohesive in each home to a style.

For House Number One, we're going to use this floor plan: it's 1600 square feet total.
Ranch Style House Plans - 1600 Square Foot Home 1 Story 3 Bedroom and 2 3 Bath 1 Garage Stalls by Monster House Plans - Plan 20-307
Let's assume it was built in 2005 and has a generic stone exterior, like this:  
For this, let's assume there's an unfinished basement that you have no interest in solving at this point, and, since it's my imaginary world, I'm assuming it's got hardwood floors throughout the main area of the house( kitchen, dining room, great room, utilities).
Let's assume it was built in 2005 and has a generic stone exterior, like this:  
Ranch-style House  House Halstad Craftsman Ranch House Plan - Green Builder House Plans  
Start with the Great Room. 
Irish countryside inspired paints This green palette is refreshing and uplifting and would be beautiful as an accent wall Emerald green is bold and masculine for a man cave or study while the pale moss is an excellent backdrop to ground any room
 Paint the walls the fourth color in(from the left) in a matte. Use the third color in for the trim(and try to stick to a similar color for any frames). Add a dark green couch and arm chairs and bright multi-colored pillows to pull the room together. i'd say stick to browns( more yellow in hue than red) and creams for the other furniture. A cream wood entertainment center pulls it together.
Forsythia branches in a vase behind green sofa with graphic print pillows set on a cream shag rug Love how it is all pulled together with touches of green black and cream
Or do something like this: 
Green accents paired with cream furnishings
Awesome. Great room, done. 
Next we're going to go to the Dining Room/ Kitchen area. Since it's an open floor plan you want to stick with things that still coordinate well with the first room. So let's use this palette: 
This soft palette of ivory green and gray would be perfect for a bathroom or kitchen
Just softer versions of the same colors. The Wall, backsplash and cabinetry in the kitchen are a great start:
Green kitchen back splash A soaring ceiling leaves this kitchen feeling bright and open
Since the Dining Room and the Kitchen are open, Keep the same wall color throughout( honestly you could even get away with keeping it the same all the way through from the Great Room if you do the soft green color, and keep the chair rail that cream. 
craftsman dining room - actually like the crisp white and this green  pretty combination
White, yellow, and brown accents will pull the Kitchen and Great Room together. 
Moving to the 'public' bathroom. Bathrooms are my total favorite( If you follow us on pinterest you can follow my bathroom obsession here:
So for our Green House, I'm sticking to a sort of 'craftsman' style, 
Full bathroom remodel Cabinet tile and wainscot built to enhance homes Craftsman style and original medicine cabinet Bath not pictured tiled with subway tiles Phinney Ridge
With this tile and window: 
 vintage bathroom soft green walls and beadboard pedestal sink clawfoot tub craftsman cottage chic - Favorite
Which brings us to Utilities: 
Love this laundry room idea
 For more ideas( including bedrooms) check out our pinterest!

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