Summer BBQ Is Here

Dated: 05/30/2014

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Well it’s about time! The BBQ season is upon us. But if you’re like me it never really left. Instead of BBQing once or twice a week, it’s now 4 to five times a week. And BBQing is not just for meats, it’s a great way to cook vegetables.  
So let’s start with your BBQ. Whether you’re using a gas grill or charcoal (I think charcoal is best, but messiest too), you should purchase one that has a temperature gage. This is critical when cooking various species and cuts of meat. Always follow USDA guidelines when cooking meats. If you have a grill that doesn’t have a temp gage then be sure to use a standalone or digital thermometer gage.  

Secondly, make sure you have the right tools to handle meats or vegetables. Make sure you have a great pair of tongs, a vegetable basket, reusable metal skewers, quality brush or mop for BBQ sauce, and a good cleaning brush.  
Cooking is all about individual tastes. For steaks that are natural for BBQing, I use only salt and pepper. Other than the salt and pepper, let the flavor of the natural juices from the marbling be the only seasoning you’ll need. For leaner cuts of meats that don’t have the marbling to provide the flavor, then you may decide to add additional seasonings.
An excellent place to purchase seasonings is the Savory Spice shop. They have several locations around the Denver Metro area including Aurora, Denver, and Littleton. At their stores you can taste any of the seasonings or mix your own.   I always season my chicken, pork, fish, and vegetables. Again the type of seasoning you use is a personal preference. If you’re going to use a marinade, wet or dry, I would recommend letting the food marinate overnight.    

To BBQ vegetables I use a flexible grill basket. Just Google BBQ Vegetables and you’ll find all kinds of grilling utensils for veggies.  
So here’s a cooking guideline to help you have a successful BBQ!    
Temperatures for grilled meat:
Beef and Lamb
Rare: 130ºF
Medium-Rare: 130º to 140ºF
Medium: 140º to 155ºF Medium-Well: 155º to 165ºF
Well: 170ºF and up Veal Medium: 145º to 155ºF
Pork (like grilled pork chops)
Medium: 140º to 155ºF
Medium-well: 155º to 165ºF
Well-Done: 175º to 185ºF
Grilled Chicken and Turkey Dark meat (thigh, leg): 170º to 175ºF
White meat (breast, wing): 160º to 165ºF
Medium-rare: 120ºF
Medium: 135ºF

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