The 5 Most Ridiculous Things You Can Put In Your Home Now That You Are A Home Owner

Dated: 07/14/2015

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THere's lots of really good reasons to buy a home-  it's a good investment, and the money you pay to a mortgage each month is invested capital, vs rent money that goes to line someone else's pockets. Your home is your responsibility, which means you get to decide what appliances are in your kitchen and just when exactly you can get something fixed. No more fighting with landlords about the broken water heater. Like I said , lots of good reasons.

But i don't want to talk about those today. I want to talk about the fun reasons to buy a house: you get to decorate and touch this home in ways that you simply cannot do while you rent. You get to paint the ceilings gray and the walls purple. You get to drill holes in the walls and add counterspace and build a creepy sex room if that's what you want to do. the sky (and your pocketbook) are the limit!( well and OK i guess sometimes your HOA depending on where you live).

Here is a list of the 5 most absurd things you can do or purchase and put in your home. 

1. You can paint maps on your ceilings and walls to create a "Travel Adventure Room!" Complete with a compass over the chandelier and bed, because I like to orient myself North whenever I sleep.

Image title

2. You can build a half car rocking chair. For those days when you think, I own a house now, i can trash my yard! 

Image title

3. A birdhouse made of old shoes to nail to your trees -  would be great for halloween if you were trying to create a crazy creepy place... otherwise it just looks slightly trashy...I'm all about recycling, but I'm not sure I see the "upcycled" effect of this. Image title

4. Replace your toilet with a fish tank toilet! Because I personally would like to add living creatures to my toilet experience...Can you imagine trying to deal with an overflowing toilet while having little fishes freaking out? 

Image title

5. You can glue real branches to your wall, and then paint it again! I don't really know how you would ever get those back off though, and how do you hold the branch up there while you're painting? 

Image title

Note that while these are fun,  they may decrease the value of your house should you ever choose to sell it. 

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