Your High If You Think People Move Here Just For Pot

Dated: 07/01/2015

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Have you ever heard this?  "Hurry up and legalize cannabis in other states so that people will stop moving to Colorado?

It's a popular thing for locals to say. It's an easy target to blame for the spike in our population growth.  I hear Colorado is the #1 Real Estate Market in the entire USA.  

But did you know that if Mary-Jane did not exist, Colorado would still be booming?   Sorry old Janie but you can't take sole credit for Colorado's new found place in the spotlight.

Whenever a friend reminds me of the perceived impact the cannabis industry has had on rental prices skyrocketing and home sale inventory in Colorado seeing record high home sales often extending tens of thousands of dollars OVER asking price... I say, "You've got a Point, sort of..."

Then I ask them if they think there might be other factors involved?   For example...

It couldn't possibly be because Colorado is in the Top 3 states with the fastest growing economy in the entire nation? 

Could it be that our population is seeing a population boon because Colorado is ranked in the Top 5 States for Business.  

According to CNBC, it is.

 They write: The big five for 2015 had Minnesota in the top spot, followed by Texas, Utah, Colorado and Georgia. Georgia was ranked No. 1 last year.  

Jessica Erickson, president of the Longmont Area Economic Council, wasn't surprised by the high ranking for Colorado.

"The keys to Colorado's success has been our ability to diversify our economy, attract young and highly educated talent, and foster a strong entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem," she said.

The state's best category is its economy — one of the fastest growing in the nation. It ranked third best in the nation. Job growth is strong as well, keeping unemployment well below the national average. Colorado's worst category is the cost of doing business with the state's utility bills, particularly natural gas, being on the high side. The individual and corporate income tax rates are 4.63 percent and state sales tax is 2.9 percent, but local taxes can push it as high as 10.4 percent. Colorado's largest private employer is Lockheed Martin and its largest industries are listed as finance, insurance and real estate.

According to Denver Business Journal, Colorado AND Denver both ranked in the Top 10 for job growth.

They write,

Colorado, which landed the No. 7 spot, had job growth that was up 2.7 percent, higher than the national average of 1.8 percent.  The study, which was based on figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, looks at job growth in the first three quarters of 2014 across all 50 states and cities with a population of one million or more.

There is also another feature about Colorado that is just impossible to over look, and that's her BEAUTY!

According to a new Thrillist ranking,  Colorado is among the Top 10 states for...well, everything.  

Caitlin Hendee of the DBJ writes, "If ever there were a song that represented what the red, white and blue mean, it's "America the Beautiful." The song's lyrics, written by Katherine Lee Bates after a trip to the top of Pikes Peak, were inspired by Colorado's Rocky Mountains and the view from the summit."

So before you pass off Colorado's success to the puff puff pass, take a second and use your noodle, back away from the bong, take a big deep breath of that fresh Colorado air and start taking advantage of ALL this amazing state has to offer.

If you want to explore all the homes for sale in this wonderful state...

just visit me at

J Steven Opp

J Steven is a proud native Coloradoan born and raised here in Denver. His love for this city is reflected with his Denver history page on Facebook “Old Images of Denver”. Steve serving in the Colo....

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