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  Why do we have Zip Codes?
Is it so that the post office can separate our mail correctly?
 Originally, in 1963? Yes.
  However, in today's electronic world, exploring a zip code can be more revealing and informative than one may imagine.

 Software company Esri’s Tapestry Segmentation project has combined U.S. Census demographic data with marketing data to offer a picture how we live — whether you’re spending Saturdays in line for the opera or for government assistance, or if you’re getting takeout from Chick-fil-A or Whole Foods.
Maybe you have a "relocation" lead.  Simply enter their current zip code and see what Esri has to say about where they come from. 
Here's what Esri has to say about a few places in America.
In 89412, the zip code of a rural Nevada town that’s so isolated it’s the farthest point in the continental U.S. from a McDonald’s:
Most of us live in heavily-forested areas of Appalachia, Texas, Arkansas, and other parts of the country. Forestry provides jobs for many of us. We are very conservative politically; religious faith, traditional gender roles, and family history are profound influences. We’re relatively self-sufficient; we grow our own produce and maintain our vehicles…
In 33109, America’s richest zip code of Fisher Island, Fla., where the median income is over $1 million:
We’re affluent retirees who live in exclusive communities in warm climates. We worked hard, invested wisely, and now we’re experiencing the payoff. We drive luxury cars or SUVs and donate generously to charities. We contract for home maintenance services so chores don’t interfere with our active social life, trips, golf games and boating….
In 48503, the zip code of Flint, Mich., the U.S. city with the highest murder rate:
We shop for groceries at Walmart supercenters and buy clothes, household items, and sundries at Kmart. We have credit card balances; some have student loans… We play games online and check out dating sites. We trust TV for news and information and we enjoy fast food regularly.
How about Denver zips?
I entered my zip of 80211, here's what it said:  
42%Emerald City
  • Household Type : Singles
  • Housing : Single Family; Multi-Units
We're young, mobile, well educated, and well employed. We're more likely to rent in low density, urban neighborhoods throughout the country. Long hours spent working and online are balanced with regular visits to the gym. We go online for professional networking, online dating, and blogging. Cell phones are essential so we can text and always stay connected. Cognizant of the environment, we buy natural, organic, or environmentally-friendly products; Whole Foods and Trader Joe's are favorite grocery stores. We're politically liberal and donate to NPR and PBS. To keep life fresh, we're eager to learn new things and to save time, we contract for house cleaning services. Music and the fine arts are major interests; we listen to music, visit art galleries, and make art at home.13%Metro Renters9%
How about yours?  

Click here to learn more about where you live.
ZIP Excerpts from: Jack Linshi

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J Steven is a proud native Coloradoan born and raised here in Denver. His love for this city is reflected with his Denver history page on Facebook “Old Images of Denver”. Steve serving in the Colo....

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