SpooKey Internet Security

Dated: 10/31/2018

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Spoo-"Key"  Internet Security

The Internet or World Wide Web , at one time only considered to be a “fad”, has now become one of the most powerful instruments on the planet.  Our entire lives are floating around in the cloud, (wherever that is) and unfortunately, is almost as easy to access as the unlocked drawer at your desk.  Scarily, the passwords we use today are essentially worthless and easy to get around. According to the Wall Street Journal,  researchers at Google estimate over 3.3 BILLION credentials were exposed by breeches between March 2016 in March 2017.   These breaches are even easier when, like me, using the same password for just about everything because who can remember 106 different passwords?

So what’s the solution?  Though somewhat of a hassle, using two factor authentication is extremely important.  It is typically involves using your password, the first factor, followed by the second, which is usually a predetermined code or pin; or a code sent to your phone. However there is a new and safer way to secure your Internet life by using a physical key that ONLY you have.   And as of now, this security key is the most secure two-factor device available.  Unfortunately, there are not many options. The only two that I have found are the YubiKey and the the Google Titan Key.  These “keys” safeguard access to your device and and secure your online access.. These keys, simply plug into the USB port on your desktop or laptop computer to confirm your identity on the device and therefore any application or password protected site. For approximately $50 The Google Titan key also allows you to use it on your tablet and/or smart phones using Bluetooth technology.  The YubiKey 2, on the other hand, is only around $20 but does not have Bluetooth capability for mobile devices.  

There are several other factors to consider when considering purchasing one of these “keys“ so I recommend doing some thorough research ahead of time. You can find more information at https://www.androidcentral.com/google-titan-vs-yubikey-5-whats-different-and-which-should-you-use

Furthermore, as both these devices are relatively new and “first generation”, it may behoove you to hold off a little while as they make improvements or for other companies get into the market before making a purchase.  And if you’re one who tends to lose things quite easily this may not be the way to go, although these can attach on your ring with your other keys if you are always on the go.

Have a fun and safe Halloween and keep the spookey creeps out of your internet life!

Steve Stein

Ref: Wall Street Journal 10/22/18

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